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Care Credit - Payment Plans

We Now Offer CareCredit Financing* as a payment option for our clients. We understand that veterinary care can be expensive. With CareCredit*, you have the option to make monthly payments. Click Here to Apply 

If applying online, make sure you print and bring in your approval certificate that shows your account number and credit line. 

If you elect to apply in person at the clinic, make sure you bring the following: 

Primary ID (Valid Driver's License or Passport) 

Second Form of ID (Passport, Major Credit Card, Store Credit Card, must be something with your name, account number, and expiration date).

We can only accept CareCredit as a payment option for the person(s) on the CareCredit Account. The person's name on the card must be the one to sign the sales slip. 

If someone else brings in the card we will have to call CareCredit and verify they are on the account. If the person presenting the card is not on the account, they will not be able to use CareCredit for payment (This is CareCredit's Policy, Not Ours). In order to eliminate future frustrations, we suggest that husband and wife apply jointly on the card so either party can use at any time. 

*With Approved Credit

A Short Word About Pricing....

We welcome clients and potential clients to call around to other clinics and "price check." We are confident that you will not find the same quality service for a lesser price. Just remember when calling other clinics that you are comparing apples to apples.

Pets can be expensive to properly care for, but Preventative Care is ALWAYS cheaper in the long run.

There is also Pet Insurance Available for Purchase, which will help reduce the cost of caring for your pet. 

We Accept the Following Payment Methods
Check (with valid ID)

Online Pharmacy Policy 

Internet & Catalog Pharmacies receive their products via "black market", or what the manufacturers call "diverters.” Diverters are people who purchase large quantities of product from the manufacturer then resell it to the pharmacies. Because the manufacturer does not know how the product was shipped or stored, they will not honor their product guarantees. In some cases the product is actually counterfeit or from another country. If your products are purchased from a veterinarian the manufacturer will pay for the treatment of any illness their label guarantees to prevent or treat.

Several Internet pharmacies have been sued and significantly fined for violation of state prescription laws. Faxing one prescription can result in the use of that doctor's signature in unauthorized situations. Therefore we will not fax any prescription unless it is going directly to another veterinary clinic.

In most cases, the manufacturers offer promotions to the veterinary clinic that are not available online or in catalogs. These promotions often keep the veterinarian's prices lower than the Internet. The Internet has the perception of costing less but that is often not the reality.

Don't just take our word for it. Read what the FDA has to say about the subject.

We understand that your pet’s health is the utmost importance and because of this we will match any advertised price for medications that can be purchased online. In order to receive the products at the same price you MUST print and bring in your “Order Basket” from an online pet pharmacy that includes shipping charges. Some online pharmacies charge $5 for a product and $35 for shipping, therefore the total price would be $40, so we would sell you the product for $40 (the “real” price to get the product to you). 

We also offer shipping to your door via USPS with Delivery Conformation for $4.00, or Insured with UPS for $10.23. Free USPS shipping for orders over $150, UPS shipping for orders over $150 is only $5.

We take Visa/MasterCard/Discover Credit Cards over the phone. Or you may mail a check. All payments must be received before products will ship.

Thank You,
Marlin Vet Clinic